Failure to Register

If you have been convicted with a sex crime and have failed to register as a sex offender as required by California Penal Code Section 290, then you may face additional charges of “Failure to Register”.

If are facing failure to register charges, our lawyers in L.A. can still help.

Failure to Register can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on what the underlying sex cirme charge was. A federal conviction of failure to register may result in 16 months to 3 years in prison.

Often prosecutors try to use prior strikes to impose longer sentences and no probation. Our sex crime defense lawyers prepare and assert every defense we can to come against such consequences.

If you are facing such charges, our sex crime defense attorneys can and will help you. There are defenses we can assert in your favor and we will place every effort to get these charges against you dismissed.

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The government can convict a suspect for failure to register per Penal Code section 290(b) when…
1. The suspect was previously convicted of a registerable sex crime (sexual assault, sexual battery etc…);
2. The suspect resided in CA;
3. The suspect actually knew that they had a responsibility to register as a sex offender OR
4. They willfully failed to either update their registration, or register within 5 working days after a change of residence.

The government is required to show that the suspect had the intention of failing to register, so if it can be proved that the suspect did not actually know of his duty to register, the suspect may have a defense. If the suspect has been found as a violent offender, stronger requirements must be met to keep their registration valid.