Los Angeles Internet Pornography Defense Lawyer


Believe it or not, prosecutors have not been filing Internet related offenses for this long.  When a new technology is introduced to society that people can manipulate for their own sexual interests, it takes a while for the government to act and come up with a strategy to deal with what can clearly be viewed as as crime.  There were a lot of factors that must be considered before prosecutors began prosecuting Internet Pornography.  They realize that smart criminal defense attorneys would attack their cases in anyway possible.

The first key is that they have to be able to show that the person they believe is guilty was actually the one involved with the crime and that it was not someone else using their computer.  They track IP addresses and when they serve the search warrant in a case where they believe that someone illegally used the Internet for Child Pornography, they use good old fashion investigation to prove their case.  When they get into the home and seize the subject computer, they ask everyone in the home whose computer it is.  They will ask the person point blank who they suspect of illegal activity if that is their computer and if anyone else uses it.  The point is, when they come in, they are coming in with a plan and an eye towards sealing up their conviction right from the beginning.

As you might guess, with this type of sophistication, you need a criminal defense attorney who is familiar with these type of cases and how to defend them.

Internet pornography crosses over to illegal when it is obscene or if it exploits children. This language can be ambiguous, especially as to obscenity, and that is why our sex crime defense lawyers are here to make clear any ambiguities and make sure that the jury is not basing their decision on any ambiguous language.

Internet pornography can be charged on either state or federal level and our sex crime defense lawyers can handle your case regardless of what level you are being charged. We have the skill and a combined 75 years of experience that qualify us to defend your case.

Exploitation of a minor as to internet pornography, California law states that, every person who knowingly possesses or controls any data, or image, (filmstrip, photograph, negative, slide, photocopy, videotape, video laser disc, computer hardware, computer software, computer floppy disc, data storage media, CD-ROM) in which the production involves someone under the age of 18 years old being engaged in sexual conduct, can be charged with internet child pornography and punished by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by bot.

Our goals as your sex crime defense lawyer is to either get your case completely dismissed or get you the minimal penalties possible. If you or someone you know is being charged with internet pornography, contact our Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorneys and set up a free consultation so we can start discussing your case.