Are You Being Charged with Possession of Obscene Material?

What exactly does it mean to be charged with possession of obscene material? For one, just because you are being charged with possessing obscene material does not necessarily mean that you are guilty of such crime. Often, people unknowingly possess obscene material such as child pornography being downloaded onto your computer through a virus or program.

In recent years, as internet sex crimes have increased so has the crime of possessing obscene material. most of these allegations involve internet pornography and it is important to retain the services of of a sex crime attorney who is knowledgeable on all laws pertaining to internet sex crimes and the crime of obscene material possession.

In order to convict a suspect of Possession of Obscene Material, the government must prove that:

  1. The party knowingly possessed, worked on, or produced, with or without the intent to distribute;
  2. Material that depicts or describes sexual conduct in a patently offensive way (shameful or morbid);
  3. Which, taken as a whole lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.

The Hedding Law Firm Will fight your charges

Being found guilty of this crime can result in mandatory California Sex Offender Registration as required by Penal Code 290. this can have a lifelong effect as to what jobs you can get, where you can live, and not to mention your relationships that may be negatively effected. If you are being accused of possessing child pornography or any other obscene material, be calm and contact us immediately.