I have been handling production of child pornography related offenses since the government decide to expand its’ prosecutions to the Internet and the various sex related offenses they now prosecute.  There is a hierarchy of crimes when it comes to the Internet and pornography involving children in any way shape of form is considered some of the most serious offenses that the federal government prosecutes.  Production of Child Pornography is one of the crimes towards the top of the most serious offenses in federal sex crimes. The more involved the government believes you are in producing and expanding child pornography, the more likely they are to try and send you to federal prison for a long period of time.  The reason for this harsh treatment relates to the government’s view that production of child pornography reaches more people on the Internet and is one of the driving forces behind the exploitation of children in America and across the world.

Production of Child Pornography carries with it a mandatory minimum prison sentence of fifteen years for each count you are convicted of in the federal setting.   Another important thing that I have noticed in defending federal sex crimes, is that the statutes related to these crimes can and will be construed very broadly when it comes to the prosecutors trying to charge the most serious charges they can find.  In other words, I have seen production related charges filed in cases where it simply is a huge stretch of the statute, in order to either put pressure on a defendant to take a deal or to put the defendant away for a long time because of the perceived danger the prosecutor perceives they pose to the public at large.  Most defendant do not want to risk a sentence of 15 years, even if the have a potentially defensible case.

In my opinion, you want to hire a seasoned federal criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you are charged with a federal sex offense, because in addition to facing many years in federal prison, you are also facing a potential lifetime of registration as a sex offender and lifetime supervision by the Federal Probation Department in these type of offenses.  When the potential consequences are so high and harsh, it is incumbent on you to get to a good attorney quick so you can assert every defense and make sure that you end up with the best result possible.

Being charged with production of child pornography or any other sex crime can cause a permanent mark on your record and make it so that you can not get a job or pursue any career in the future. Because the consequences can be so grave, it is imperative that you get a list of questions together and come and sit down and get all of your questions answered.  It is also important that when you leave my office, you have a game plan in place moving forward that assure that you do not do or say anything that can cause you to be in more trouble.

To produce, distribute, or possess child pornography is illegal in California and across the United States and punishable by imprisonment, fines, and mandatory sex offender registration.

Production of child pornography also leads to charges of possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography, internet pornography, child prostitution, and/or child trafficking. These can be some very serious charges with life altering consequences.

The law in this area can be tricky and it is not a do it yourself project.  I consult with clients everyday and help them understand what they are facing and what they can do to defend themselves.  With a game plan in place and an idea of where you are heading, it makes the criminal process much more manageable and can give you a peace of mind, where it is not easy to find.