The state of California takes sex crimes very seriously. The penalties are harsh and include jail times, fines, and mandatory lifetime sex offender registration as required by California Penal code section 290. There are four different categories a person will fall into if convicted and required to register as a sex offender; home address, conditional home address; zip code; and undisclosed. This information is then made public on the Megan’s Law website

Regardless of which category, these persons are still registered sex offenders and known by all law enforcement agencies and information made public through the Megan’s Law website unless in the “undisclosed” category (information will not be made public).

As required by the law, a person convicted of a sex crime has five days from the date of release from custody to go to a local police/sheriff department in person to register as a sex offender. If there is a change of address, a person has five days from the move to re-register and must update information every year (within five days of birthday). Anyone considered as a sexually violent predator must update their information every 90 days and any transient or homeless, every 30 days.

How to be Removed From PC 290 Requirement

One of the many ways to avoid sex offender registration is to apply for a California certificate of rehabilitation. The purpose of the certificate is in its name; to show that your criminal record is of the past and that you have been rehabilitated. To apply, you must be a California resident for at least five years and must wait five years from the date you first registered. If qualified you will be relieved form registering as a sex offender and the certificate becomes an automatic application to the state governor for a pardon. There are many benefits and our sex crime defense attorneys will help guide you through the process.

If you have been convicted a sex offense and are ready to put it behind you and clear your record, get in touch with our lawyers and we will aggressively and with all dedication work towards getting your life back and remove you from sex offender registration requirements.