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22 Year Old Arrested For Alleged Criminal Threat and Sex Crimes Against Minor

  • Published: January 24, 2012

Raul Reinoso, a 22-year-old parolee fromGlendalewas arrested Sunday January 22, 2012 when he allegedly made threats via Facebook to “put a hit” on his 15-year-old girlfriend’s family because they forbade him from seeing her.

Reinoso was arrested on suspicion of making a criminal threat, unlawful sex with a minor and oral copulation with a minor.

Reinoso allegedly threatened the girl’s parents when they logged onto her facebook account and sent him a message telling him to no longer see her.

Reinoso’s alleged reply stated that he was “going to put a hit on the family”.

Reinoso told police he was on parole for armed robbery and claimed ties to a Los Angeles-based gang.

California Penal Code section 422 makes it a crime to willfully threaten to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person. The crime is a wobbler and may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. A conviction may result in anywhere from 16 to 36 months in state prison and if convicted as a felony it will count as a strike under the California Three Strikes Law.

Sex crimes against minors is also a serious criminal offense. Sex with a minor and/or oral copulation with a minor can result in anywhere from 1 to 3 years in prison and not to mention excessive fines.

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