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California Law on Sexting with Minors

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Jan 04, 2020

The law in California implements harsh penalties regarding sexting with minors. Depending on the situation, the local authorities may hand over the case to the federal government if the crime is severe or involves a minor from a different country.

If the crime happened across state lines or another state, the authorities would send the case to the jurisdiction state. The authorities will be looking to charge substantial prison time and get the person convicted to register as a sex offender.

If a person is trying to entice a minor to send nude photographs, the offender could be looking at child pornography and distribution of images involving minor charges.

Is it Sexting If a Minor Sent Me Nude Pictures?

If a person has been sent nude pictures of a minor and kept on their phone, it is illegal. Sexting with a minor is prohibited, and an offender can be charged with possession of child pornography.

Additionally, suppose the police can prove that a person enticed a minor to send nude photographs. In that case, the offender can be charged with distributing child pornography or producing child pornography.

Penalties For Illegal Sexting In California

The penalties for illegal sexting involving juveniles will be tried in a juvenile court in California. The authorities will take into consideration the ages of the people involved.

For instance, if two 17-year olds were sexting each other and they didn't have a criminal record, a case would most likely not be filed. On the other hand, if an adult is sexting with a minor, the case will be prosecuted in court.

Cases vary between the number of images, type of content, the age difference between the parties involved, and whether the state or federal government prosecutes the case.

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