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Child Pornography Videos

California Child Pornography Production Defense Lawyer – Penal Code 311


If an individual is caught with child pornography in videos, this can be difficult. The punishment for child pornography increases more and more as the images increase. A video counts for more ideas than a photo and can cause a person to have more exposure than a photograph.

When the prosecutors seize videos that contain images classified as child pornography, they will send them to an expert to evaluate them and give them a detailed report as to exactly what they have.

This report will dictate what charges are filed against the person and the level of seriousness that will surround their case. In the appropriate case, we will hire experts to challenge the prosecution's expert and either defend the entire case or minimize the damages their expert can cause.

Defenses for Child Pornography Charges

As in anything in life, it's coming up with the right game plan from the beginning of the case is crucial to a successful resolution. This is why it is essential to hire the right attorney, be truthful with them and follow their advice.

When I sit down with clients for the first time, I impress upon them the importance of honesty and making sure that they give me all of the details related to the case, so I am not surprised by something later on down the road. Another critical thing is deciding how the defense will be conducted and how the investigation of the case will go. Once we have our plan in place, we will work together to get the job done right!

Have you been charged with distributing or possessing child pornography videos? It is vital that you obtain a wise, skilled, and experienced sex crime defense attorney.

Our Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorneys have a combined 75 years of experience. We have the credentials and skills that qualify us to handle your possession or distribution of child pornography videos charges effectively.

Videos include but are not limited to laser disks, floppy disks, DVDs, VHS's, and any form of film that depicts a minor in sexual activity.

Possession of Child Pornography

In California, mere possession of child pornography suffices as enough evidence to charge a person with a sex crime. A conviction of sex crime such as child pornography possession can result in imprisonment, fines, and mandatory sex offender registration.

As your sex crime defense lawyer, our duty to you is to provide you with excellent representation and do whatever we can to either get your charges dismissed due to insufficient or illegally obtained evidence or get them reduced.

If you or someone you know is facing possession or distribution of child pornography charges, contact our Los Angeles sex crime defense attorneys and let us be your advocate during this time. Contact us, and we will get started on your case immediately.

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