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Defending a Sex-Related Human Trafficking Case

Learn the Best Defenses Against Sexual Related Human Trafficking Charges Under California Penal Code 236.1

We're seeing a lot of human trafficking cases.  A lot of times when people hear human trafficking, they don't necessarily think that it involves any type of sexual activity.

They're thinking more aliens being moved into the country who are not citizens through the border of Mexico, for example, into California.

But today, we're talking the sex trade.  We're talking about people being moved within Los Angeles, within California, within the United States, and even internationally, for the purposes of sex, and a lot of times these are victims.

These are young females who are a lot of time underage and are being taken advantage of by their captives.

PC 236.1 Human Trafficking Cases are Common

I've had cases where people have been moved in from Russia.  In order to pay their way into the United States, they get involved in prostitution activities.

Defending a Sex-Related Human Trafficking Case in Los Angeles

From as simple as young women in the Midwest coming into Los Angeles or Santa Ana and being prostituted.

Because this is such a prevalent problem, right now the DA in LA county is running ads and talking about all of the human trafficking cases that she has gone after.  Don't kid yourself; human trafficking is a big thing.

If you or a loved one is arrested, you need to get a defense attorney right away.  Sometimes you get caught in a big net and you may not necessarily be guilty of whatever it is they're claiming that you did.

So, you want to make sure you get somebody that can fight for you because once you get that specter of being charged with some sort of a human trafficking case.

How Can I Fight Human Trafficking Charges?

The victim is underage,  whatever the case may be, you really put yourself in a position where you're looking at a lot of time in prison and it's very difficult to beat the prosecutors.

Because people come into a jury trial situation and they see that someone is charged with some sort of a sex-related offense like human trafficking in Los Angeles — believe it or not — they immediately think the person is guilty.

That's not fair.  That's not what our country is based on when we talk about jury trials.

How Can I Fight PC 236.1 Human Trafficking Charges?

Don't kid yourself, that's one of the first questions I ask perspective jurors — just because my client is charged with a crime, do you think he's guilty?

Raise your hand.  Half of the jurors are raising their hand.  Then I have to explain to them, it doesn't work that way.  There's a presumption of innocence in a human trafficking case or any criminal case in Los Angeles.

You're to presume the client is innocent unless the prosecutors can prove their case and a lot of times they can't prove their case.  They don't have the evidence.

They don't have cooperative witnesses in these human trafficking cases.  So, you're going to have to decide, through my help and 26 years of experience, whether or not you're going to fight the case or have me work out a deal for you.

That's an important decision right from the beginning and that's how we handle these cases.

Call the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Human Trafficking

First, we have to decide what's our strategy?  If we are going to fight the case, what's our theory going to be about why you're arrested and what's going on and we have to make sense of things for the jury.

Contact the Hedding Law Firm If Charged with Human Trafficking

So, if you need help — if you or a loved one are charged with human trafficking — pick up the phone.

Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you to protect your rights, your reputation, your freedom and everything that's important to you.

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