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Detectives in search of man who attempted to rape 74-year-old woman

Sheriff’s detectives are in search of a man suspected of trying to rape a 74-year-old Palmdale woman.

The incident occurred in September when the woman was sitting at a bus stop outside a Vallarta supermarket. The man called the woman over to his pickup and convinced her to accept a ride, said detectives with the L.A. County Sheriff’s department. While he was driving, he began making advance toward the woman, who fended him off. He then drove into a business complex and attempted to assault her in his pickup.

The victim refused to leave the truck, so he began beating. She began to scream and he ran off, leaving the truck behind. She walked away with her injuries and took a bus home. Her family called the Sheriff’s Department and informed them of what happened. The man is describes as a 50 to 60 year old latino with a light complexion and light colored eyes.

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