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Former Police Officer Sentenced to Prison For On Duty Sexual Assault

  • Published: May 29, 2012

Mark Fitzpatrick, 42, former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department supervisor was sentenced to more than nine years in prison Friday for sexually assaulting and inappropriately searching women while on duty.

The charges stemmed from three separate traffic stops in 2008. One woman, a single mother from Downey, alleged she was pulled over after midnight by Fitzpatrick, who initially threatened to jail her for drunk driving.

But when Fitzpatrick returned to her driver’s-side window, he told her “she looked like a nice girl,” and said: “What are you going to do for me in order for me not to bring you to jail tonight?”

The armed officer first allegedly asked her if she had children, reminded her how much trouble she would be in and began shining his flashlight on her chest. “Let me see your breasts,” he said, and then allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Soon after the deputy began touching her chest, the complaint said, another patrol car pulled up nearby. Frustrated, Fitzpatrick allegedly demanded that the woman lead him to her home.

Once there, she said, she tried to “scurry into the safety of her home” but was cornered by Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick pled not guilty to the charges against him but was convicted by a jury last year of multiple felony counts, including penetration under threat to arrest or deport, sexual battery by restraint, sexual penetration by foreign object and false imprisonment.

He is now sentenced to nine plus years in prison.

Sex crimes are serious and as it is evident through this case can result in long term imprisonment and life long consequences such as registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

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