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Former USC Professor To Be Indicted in Federal Court

Former USC Professor, Walter Lee Williams, 64, is wanted on charges of sexual exploitation of children and traveling abroad for the purpose of engaging in sexual acts with children.

Williams was placed on FBI Ten Most Wanted list this past week. He was seen in Mexico and was immediately apprehended and brought back to Los Angeles to be indicted.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Williams back in April. Williams allegedly had traveled from Los Angeles to the Philippines in January 2011 specifically with the intention to engage in sexual acts with two 14-year-old boys he met online in 2010. he allegedly not only engaged in sexual acts with the boys but also produced sexually explicit photographs of the boys.

One week after his return from the Philippines, Williams fled to Los Angeles.

Authorities found child pornography on Williams’ computers and camera.

After much investigation, the FBI identified 10 alleged victims between the ages of 9 and 17, many living in third war countries. FBI stated its plans to continue to investigate the matter.

Williams will face sex crime charges in federal court and is facing federal prison.