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Man Accused of Sexual Assault of Minor He Met on Facebook

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Oct 04, 2012 | 0 Comments

A 15 year old girl was reported missing on Sunday September 30, 2012.

An investigation of the missing girl revealed that she had run away from home in order to meet a man whom she met on Facebook.

Michael Scheetz, 43, of Westerville, Ohio, who admitted to the police he had recently been with the 15 year old, was found and arrested on Monday October 1st.

At first, Scheetz denied knowing the whereabouts of the girl, but eventually led detectives to a desert field in Lancaster where the girl was found lying on the ground.

The girl told the detectives that Scheetz had sexually assaulted her. She was taken to the hospital and found to be in good condition under the circumstances.

The 15 year old had met Scheetz on Facebook about six months ago and developed an online relationship with him, communicating often through email. Scheetz flew in to California Sunday and met up with the victim at a business in Lancaster.

Autohrites state that the suspect knew the victim's age before he flew in and that his sole purpose for coming to California was to engage in sexual intercourse with the minor.

Scheetz was arrested and booked and is being charged with five felony counts against him including lewd conduct with a minor and sexual assault. He is being held on a $1.275 million bail.

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