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Man Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Harassing Minor Girls

Scott Basko, a 44 year old man, has been accused of sexually harassing teenage girls ranging from ages 13 to 15 by allegedly making sexually explicit gestures at them at the Glendale Galleria.

Basko pled not guilty Tuesday August 14, 2012 to three misdemeanor counts of child molestation.

When an employee of a store noticed that the minor girls were hiding inside the store to get away from him, she notified authorities.
Basko stated to the police that he was just browsing the mall like everyone else and that the girls may have misconstrued his gum chewing.

According to the girls, Basko was staring and winking at them as they were taking pictures in the mall. These girls decided to snap a quick one of Basko in case he continued to harass them and that way they would have a photo to show authorities. These 13-15 year old girls were thinking ahead.
After they hid in a store they still saw Basko, who was leaning against a railing and allegedly making sexually explicit gestures with his tongue.

Authorities were informed and Basko was arrested.

Cases like this require a sex crime attorney that will investigate the charges thoroughly because the allegation maybe completely false. Call us to find out all legal options when being charged with a sex crime.