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Modesto Teacher Charged With 1998 Alleged Sex Crime Against Minor

Christopher James Hooker, 41, a formerModestohigh school teacher who recently made headlines for leaving his wife and family for a student was arrested Friday April 6, 2012 and charged with sexually abusing a minor.

The said sexual abuse involved a 17-year-old student whom Hooker befriended and allegedly sexually assaulted in 1998 when he taught atDavisHigh SchoolinModesto.

In February, Hooker moved in with Jordan Powers, an 18 year old student of his when he was still teaching atEnochsHigh School. Both claim that their relationship did not begin until Powers was 18.

Detectives initially began investigating Hooker after Powers’ mother reported that the teacher had an inappropriate romance with her daughter. During the investigation, police said, they found a separate victim whom Hooker was allegedly involved with in 1998.

He is being held on $50,000 bail, charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor. He has entered a not guilty plea.

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