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Lewd Acts by a Caretaker Upon Dependant Adult

  • Published: October 29, 2020

We see this once in a while with people in the hospital or a nursing home.  Someone who’s older; someone who’s incapacitated in some way and another person is allegedly taking advantage of them.

Lewd acts by a caretaker upon a dependent adult is defined under California Penal Code 288(b)(2).

It could occur by touching them in a sexual manner, having sex with them — there’s all sorts of things that can go on.  Maybe a co-worker catches the person.  Maybe it’s videotaped or maybe the victim of the assault or sexual battery ends up alerting authorities.

The bottom line is this, prosecutors, judges and even the police, do not like these cases and they will treat the defendant very harshly in these cases because they feel that the person who is being taken advantage of cannot protect themselves or fend for themselves, so it’s their job to protect that person.

Registration as a Sex Offender in California

So, if you or a loved on is charged with some sort of sexual conduct against a dependent adult, someone who’s in a:Lewd Acts by a Caretaker Upon a Dependent Adult - Penal Code 288(b)(2)

  • hospital;
  • nursing home;
  • who’s in a position where they cannot defend themselves.

Then please get somebody like me involved who’s worked for the District Attorney’s office, who’s worked for a Superior Court Judge and who’s been a criminal defense attorney defending these type of cases for the last 26 years.

Because if you don’t, you or your loved one is going to end up in a world of hurt.  You’re going to end up going to prison, registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life — your entire life and world will be turned upside down.

The prosecutors have a lot of power in these types of offenses.  They’ve got the juries on their side.  They’ve got the judges on their side.

Retain an Experienced Lawyer Immediately

So, it is crucial for you to have a defense attorney on your side who has been down this road that you’re about to travel, had success and helped their clients.  Sometimes it’s a situation where you have not done anything wrong and you need to be defended.

Just because you’re innocent doesn’t mean you’re going to be found innocent.  That’s the unfortunate thing.  You need an attorney by your side.  You need a champion.

You need somebody that can fight for you.  If you’re guilty, you’re going to need somebody as well.  Just because you may be guilty of doing something wrong, doesn’t necessarily mean you should be sent to prison for the rest of your life or some long prison sentence where you don’t get out or a long time.

You have a right to be defended.  There’s always going to be mitigating circumstances that need to be presented to the judge and the jury and the prosecutor.  The only one that’s going to do that effectively is your defense attorney.

Contact the Hedding Law Firm for Help

So, if you need help or your loved one needs help and they’re in a bad position because they’ve touched someone in a vulnerable position, a hospital, a nursing home,  whatever the case may be, pick up the phone. Contact the Hedding Law Firm to review the details of your sex crime case.

Make the call.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  We’ll get the ball moving in the right direction so you can get out of the criminal justice system as fast as possible.

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