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Prostitution Sting Results in 22 Arrested

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Oct 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

A prostitution sting resulted in a total of 22 people arrested, nine men and thirteen women to be exact, on Thursday October 17, 2013 in Van Nuys.

In the four hours, 19 people were arrested for soliciting a prostitute, one for loitering for the purposes of prostitution, one for lewd conduct and one for possession of methamphetamine, which is a felony offense regardless of the amount in possession.

Authorities are determined to stop prostitution in the San Fernando Valley area by coming up with new methods and ideas to deal with the situation. They want the arrests to go beyond the women prostituting. They want the solicitors, pimps, and everyone involved. Last month, another sting involving undercover prostitutes resulted in 19 people arrested for solicitation.

Being charged with a sex crime such as prostitution or solicitation can be humiliating and have consequences that can result in jail time and excessive fines and may even result in sex offender registration.

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