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Removal From Megan’s Law

What is Megan's Law?

Megan's Law was passed back in 1996 in response to the rape and murder of seven-year-old Megan Kanka. The crime was committed by a man who had moved across the street from the Kanka home.

This man was known by local authorities to be a convicted child molester and was registered as a sex offender. Still, this information was not available to the public, including the Kanka family. As a result, Megan's law was enacted, making information regarding sex offenders and their location available on the internet.

This law is, and its dictates are very practical for law enforcement and the public to track the location of where a sex offender lives and take whatever safeguards they deem necessary.

Depending on which crime they were convicted of, someone who is forced to register and be on Megan's Law Website can Megan's Law Website can attempt to be removed from the website.

I always suggest that anyone attempting to be removed from this website take some time to do some due diligence and figure out exactly where they fall in the big scheme of things and what they can and can not hope to accomplish if they attempt to be removed from the website.

There are all kinds of information available to those individuals who want to learn the ins and outs of this process.

Being Removed from Megan's Law

As humans, we do not like all our personal information to be made public, and sex offenders feel even more passionate about it. Some sex offenders may fall under the “undisclosed category,” wherein they are registered sex offenders known by authorities and do not have any of their information posted on the internet.

Not everyone falls in this category, and if you do not, you may apply for removal.

A Megan's Law exclusion form must be filled out and returned to the California Department of Justice. There are specific criteria and requirements to be eligible for removal.

For example, suppose you are labeled as a sexually violent predator. In that case, you will automatically be ineligible to apply for removal if you do meet all the requirements. You will be removed from Megan's Law and your information excluded from the internet.

If you commit a subsequent sex offense, you will fall back into the Megan's Law Website, but if you meet the requirements of removal, then you may reapply.

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