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Craigslist Sex Crime Defense In California

The authorities realize which mediums are being utilized in order to become involved in sex-related offenses. They know that Craigslist is used by individuals who are interested in committing sex-related offenses and they, therefore, go on Craigslist to try to find potential targets to arrest and prosecute in the Los Angeles courthouses.

A lot of times they will go into chat rooms, they will post advertisements on Craigslist, and whatever medium on Craigslist they believe people are using who are committing sex-related offenses, that's where law enforcement is going to be.

A lot of times I hear clients saying, well, it was an 18 and over site, so I don't understand how they got me, and in the meantime, on that site or in some sort of a text message, the other party is indicating that they are under the age of 18 and then the person is just ignoring that fact and still agreeing to meet with them.

There's sexually explicit language. If you put that type of stuff in front of a jury, the jurors are going to look at it and say, okay, did they have any information that the person was underage?

If the answer is yes, and you're talking about sexually-related contact – and they can read between the lines and see that you were trying to have some sort of sexual contact with someone who indicated they were under age – they're not going to care about all of that under-18 policy on Craigslist. They're going to look at the facts that are presented to them.

Totality of the Circumstances

So, a lot of this stuff related to sex crimes in Los Angeles is common sense and the prosecutors, judges and jurors – if it goes that far – are just going to look at everything and see what they think based on the totality of the circumstances – whether or not you were attempting to get involved in an illegal sex-related offense.

Of course, through your defense attorney – and even through you if you testify – your version of events will get out there and depending on how believable your version of events is and what type of corroborating evidence can be brought to bear on that version of events – that's obviously going to have a big impact on what happens with you in your case and whether or not you can actually defend a sex-related offense.

A lot of these cases are defensible and a lot of cases aren't. If it's a case that's not defensible, then obviously what you're going to want to do is huddle-up with your attorney and get a game plan together, figure out what type of a strategy you want to utilize in order to resolve the case, do damage control and avoid some of the horrible penalties that come along with a sex-related offense in Los Angeles.

Use of Social Media Outlets to Commit Sex Crimes

As far as Craigslist goes, obviously they're going to cooperate in any way that they can with the authorities if they believe people are using their site in an unlawful manner to commit sex-related offenses.

So, if they see something on there, they will actually report it to authorities. So will any of the other social media outlets – Facebook, Instagram – if they see sexually explicit material on there that they believe is illegal, they'll let authorities know that there's a center that deals with people who are being exploited, especially if they are under-age individuals.

I've seen Craigslist, Facebook and all the social media outlets send cases there and then they investigate them and they will deal with it. It's not like Apple iPhone where they're not going to give their customer's information out. If the prosecutors come in and issue a subpoena on Craigslist to get information and Craigslist has that information, they're going to give it up.

So, the bottom line is if you have a sex-related offense in one of the Los Angeles County courthouses and it relates to a Craigslist advertisement or some other medium within Craigslist, we can help you. You can come in and meet with me. I've dealt with a lot of these types of cases and sometimes there are defenses.

If there's a defense, then obviously we're going to put the time in an investigation in and get you the best possible result. If there is not a defense to the case, then we're going to do damage control and speak to the prosecutors and get the other side of the story to them so that you can end up with a result that you can live with.

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