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Who Is Considered To Be A Child In A Sex Crime Case?

In California, anyone under the age of 18 is considered a child for the purposes of a sex crime. There are some states in which the age is lower than 18.

How Does The Age Affect The Type Of Sex Charge?

There are several different sex crimes that fall into different categories based on the age of the child involved.

The younger the individual is, the more likely it is that the perpetrator of the sex crime will be sent to prison.

For example, if someone is under the age of 14 and there is some form of a setback, then there are certain life sentences that could apply. If the sex act was forced, then the charges are life offenses.

This gives the prosecutor a lot of bargaining power, because with a life hanging over someone's head, much higher offers will be put on the table.

What Factors Would Aggravate A Sexual Assault Against A Child Charge?

There are a number of factors that aggravate sex crime charges involving children, one of the biggest being the age of the child; the younger the child, the more likely it is that the perpetrator will be sent to jail for a long time.

The next factor has to do with the type of act itself, such as touching or intercourse.

Any act involving violent force or injury to a child is probably the worst and will carry the most severe punishments.

The perpetrator's prior criminal record will also be considered, particularly if it involves acts of sexual deviance.

What Should I Do If I Am Contacted By Police To Speak With Them About Child Sexual Abuse?

If someone is contacted by the police in regards to a child sexual abuse case, they should not agree to speak with them. Instead, they should set up a meeting with an attorney and go prepared with a list of questions and any relevant information.

They should be honest with the attorney and tell them everything they know, even if they do not hire the attorney; whatever is said will be protected by attorney-client privilege. An attorney will be able to contact the investigator on the suspect's behalf and inquire about the investigation.

The attorney will then be able to go over everything with the suspect. Under certain circumstances, an attorney may have the suspect or defendant join the conversation with the investigator, but in the vast majority of cases, providing the investigator with a statement is not a good idea.

This is because words can be twisted, perceived as incriminating, and ultimately used against the person who spoke them.

How Can I Defend Myself From A False Allegation Of Child Sexual Abuse?

Without the assistance of a criminal defense attorney who handles sex crimes, an individual who has been accused of a sex crime would likely have a difficult time defending themselves.

Many times, these cases boil down to “he said, she said” situations, but the prosecutors are going to need evidence in order to convict someone. Once a skilled defense attorney has all of the information pertaining to a case, they will be able to strategize and come up with the best method of defense.

I Am Accused Of Molesting A Child 10 Years Ago. Isn't There A Statute Of Limitations For Sex Crimes In California?

There is a statute of limitations on all sex crimes in California, but it is dependent upon the age of the child who was involved. If the child was young enough, then the statute of limitations might not begin until the authorities actually find out about the allegation, which is a way for prosecutors and law enforcement to go back in time and capture people.

If someone is being accused of a sex crime that was alleged to have happened several years in the past, then they should speak to an attorney about whether or not the statute of limitations applies.

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