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Sexual Favors For Chicken McNuggets?

Khadijah Baseer, a woman fromLos Angeles, was seen opening car doors that were in the McDonald’s drive through, offering sexual favors in return for chicken mcnuggets.

One of the customers declined the offer and informed the police of the incident.

Baseer was arrested on suspicion of prostitution.

Prostitution, although a misdemeanor, still has consequences that our Los Angeles Sex Crime Defense Attorneys want to protect one from.

Penalties faces include jail time, fines, and possible sex offender registration, which is a lifetime penalty.

If you are facing prostitution charges, we as your sex crime defense lawyer want to do everything we can to get your charges dismissed and have your case resolved.

Our Lawyers in L.A. are here to protect your rights, your freedom, and your reputation.

If you are facing prostitution charges or any other sex crime, contact our Los Angeles Sex Crime Lawyers at 818-986-2092 and set up a free face to face consultation.