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Social Worker Charged With Sexual Assault

  • Published: September 27, 2012

Martin Canter, a 62-year-old social worker, is facing trial for molesting four teenage boys he invited to live in his Palos Verdes Peninsula homes and has been charged with sexually assaulting a fifth victim.

A 20 year old, who did not live with Canter at the time but visited friends, came forward and stated that he had been molested by Canter when he was 16 years old pretending to be a doctor and touching his privates during a so called “examination”.

In May, a Torrance judge ordered Canter to stand trial for allegedly molesting four boys at his rented homes. During the preliminary hearing, three of the boys, 17 and 19 at the time, described how Canter had invited them to live in his home and would touch their privates in the shower and while they slept. They said the reason they did not immediately report the incident is because they had no place else to live.

Another teen said Canter posed as a doctor, saying he worked with physicians at UCLA Medical Center and groped him during an “examination”;

A third man described a similar incident.

Canter’s latest accuser also believed Canter was a doctor.

Canter is free on $100,000 bail, but is expected to surrender to police this afternoon on the new charges. A $50,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

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