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What Can Someone Do To Mitigate The Charges In A Sex Crime Case?

There are several ways to mitigate the charges in a sex crime case. Often, a psychiatrist or psychologist will be brought in to evaluate the defendant and write a report that addresses the likelihood of the defendant becoming a recidivist.

In other words, it will have to be asked whether or not the defendant is likely to commit another similar crime, and many tests are utilized in making such determinations. If it can be shown that there is an extremely low likelihood of recidivism, then it will be argued that the defendant should not be severely punished.

There is also the Static-99 test, which is designed to get down to the details about whether or not someone will re-offend. If a defendant has no prior sex-related offenses on their record, then a strong argument could be made that the event was merely an aberration and won't happen again.

In addition, a defendant's background will be considered, including their employment history and family situation. Often, character letters from people who know the defendant will be gathered.

Lastly, the impact on the victim will be considered; the less of an effect there was to the victim, the stronger the defense's position will be about resolving the case and avoiding harsh penalties.

Will I Be On The Sex Offender Registry For Life If I Was Convicted Of A Sex Offense In California?

California has developed a three-tiered system for sex offenses that will be implemented very soon. This will guide the decisions regarding whether or not convicted individuals will have to register as sex offenders for the remainder of their lives.

In this three-tiered system, not all people will register as sex offenders for life. Speaking with a sex crimes attorney and allowing them to do the research will help a person determine how long they will have to register as a sex offender.

Why Is It Critical To Have An Experienced Attorney Help Me?

Sex crime prosecutors throughout Los Angeles and agents in the sex crime units of police departments are specially trained. These individuals have marching orders to convict people, put them in prison, and make them register as sex offenders.

This means that people are targeted simply based on the nature of the offense they committed. As a result, prosecutors and law enforcement agents will be doing everything possible to punish them as severely as possible.

Due to this reality, it is critical to obtain a sex crime attorney who has experience dealing with the prosecutors and judges in LA County. An attorney with this type of experience will know which mitigating factors will be relevant and how to attack a case based on the totality of its circumstances.

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