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What Is Considered A Juvenile Sex Crime In California?

A juvenile sex crime in California is a sexual crime perpetrated by someone under the age of 18; individuals charged with such crimes will be treated as minors rather than adults. The victim is typically someone under the age of 18, although there are exceptions to this.

For example, someone under 18 could commit a crime against another person over 18; this happens frequently, and the perpetrators are prosecuted as juveniles in juvenile court.

At What Age Can Someone Be Charged or Prosecuted As A Juvenile Sex Offender In LA County?

To be charged and prosecuted as a juvenile sex offender in LA County, an individual must be under 18. The one exception to this is if an individual was under the age of 18 when they committed a crime, but over the age of 18 when caught or found guilty of having committed that crime.

Under such circumstances, the individual would be prosecuted at the juvenile level despite being over 18.

My Child Is Being Charged In A Juvenile Sex Offense Case. Does It Matter Whether The Alleged Victim Is Of Legal Age Or Is Also A Minor?

In most juvenile sex crime matters that I have handled over the past 25 years, the alleged victims have been under the age of 18. However, this is not a requirement since a juvenile could commit a sexual crime against someone over 18.

My Son Has Been Charged With A Juvenile Sex Offense. What Charges Does This Include?

The specifics of juvenile sex crime charges will depend upon what the perpetrator did. Often, these acts involve some non-consensual touching, but there are many different possibilities.

Suppose someone has been charged with a juvenile sex offense. In that case, they must obtain a criminal defense attorney who has handled these types of issues in their particular jurisdiction.

What Are The Differences Between Juvenile And Adult Sex Crime Charges In LA County?

Both juvenile and adult sex crimes in LA County are severe and can result in the perpetrator being taken into custody. In juvenile cases, perpetrators are more likely to face time in a young home than prison or jail.

However, some juveniles will receive sentences that will extend into adulthood. While the crimes are the same for child and adult-related sex offenses, the punishments a judge can sentence differ. Ultimately, a defendant's punishment will depend on what they did and on the age of the victim.

Prosecutors who handle juvenile sex cases also handle adult sex cases.

What Punishments Can My Child Face For A Juvenile Sex Crime Conviction In LA County?

Depending on the type of offense someone commits, they might have to register as a sex offender. However, registration requirements can be negotiated by experienced and knowledgeable defense attorneys.

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