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For a number of reasons, it’s imperative to get an attorney involved early on in a sex crime case. Oftentimes, the police will want a defendant to provide a statement, which is usually not a good idea unless the defendant’s attorney has agreed that doing so would be in their best interest.

Statements are often the best sources of evidence against an individual and can be taken out of context in a way that negatively impacts the defendant’s case. Having an attorney at the pre-filing stage in a sex crime case is crucial because they can act as a buffer between the accused and the police, ensuring that the accused does not make any incriminating statements.

Early on in the process, an attorney can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney, explain the defendant’s side of the story, and try to paint them in the best light.

Can My Attorney  Stop Charges From Being Filed Against Me?

As long as there is some evidence in favor of an individual, an attorney can absolutely stop charges from being filed against them. An attorney can provide this evidence to the police and make sure that an individual is properly defended from the beginning.

What exactly can our lawyers do with pre-filing investigation to avoid filing of criminal charges? Our defense lawyers can hire an investigator to investigate a defendant’s version of events, speak to the police and prosecutor on behalf of the defendant, and ensure that all of the important evidence has been shown to the prosecuting attorney at the beginning of the case.

Can I Be Charged With A Sex Crime With No Witnesses?

Cases that involve sex crimes that were not witnessed or caught on video can be prosecuted but may be more difficult to win. In ‘he said, she said’ cases, evidence is crucial to the outcome and determination of innocence or guilt.

For example, if someone says that one person punched and sexually assaulted them but there were no injuries to show it, then the defense could use the lack of injuries as evidence of the defendant’s innocence. Conversely, if there were proof of injuries consistent with being punched and sexually assaulted, then the prosecution could use that as evidence of the defendant’s guilt.

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