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Best Encino Sex Crime Defense Attorney

History of Success Defending California Sex Crimes

I've been handling sex crime-related matters out of the Encino, California area for 27 years.  My office is a staple in that community — very well known.

Most of those cases are either going one of two places: downtown Los Angeles starting in Department 30, the central Hub Court felony arraignment, or they'll be prosecuted in Van Nuys, which has a sex crime unit that handles all sex-related offenses in the San Fernando Valley.  They've got their policies on which type of cases get transferred downtown and held in Van Nuys.

I'm familiar with both courthouses and have had a lot of success.  I think what makes a top sex crime defense attorney is somebody, first and foremost:

  • who listens to their clients and gets their side of the story;
  • then has an honest conversation with the client, and the decision-making process begins once the client has all the information.

Also, once the defense attorney has all the information, you can sit down and think about a realistic outcome related to your sex-related offense in Encino, CA.

Best Encino, CA Sex Crime Defense Attorney

Whether or not you're looking at the prison, or sex registration, these are all things that will come up in a conversation, and I think that's one of my strong traits.  I do listen to clients.

I hear what they have to say because I realize that just because I may view a case a certain way, I may think that a specific outcome is a suitable outcome for that particular defendant based on their prior criminal record and what they're currently charged with, maybe the client wants something a little bit different.  So, we have to talk about:

  • (1) what you want; and
  • (2) what's realistic in the case.

Having done this for a long time, I have a pretty good feel for what you're up against, what your chances of going to trial might be, and what you're looking at.

Seeking Best Possible Case Outcome

Of course, being a top Encino sex crime attorney, I will try to push the case to the envelope and get you the best possible resolution. That includes doing prelims in some instances and damaging the prosecutor's evidence. That includes:

  • going to trial in the proper case if the prosecutors can't prove that you're guilty,
  • asserting all of your defenses, and
  • if there is evidence that you have committed a sex-related offense, obviously trying to get you the lowest charge and penalties.

This means the least amount of jail time or prison time. It just depends on the circumstances of your case.

What is a Sex Crime?

A sex crime involves sexually touching another person against that person's will. If you are an adult and you touch any minor in a sexually inappropriate manner, that would also be considered a sex crime. First, the police will bring you back to the station and try to get you to talk to a detective. Please do not talk to them or not make any statements. Get an attorney as fast as possible, so you can start to assert all your rights, preserve evidence, and do everything you possibly can to avoid the harsh penalties that come along with sex crimes.

In just about any crime, the person is entitled to bail. However, if it is a serious enough sex crime that you are looking at a potential lifetime in prison, the judge may set the bail so high that you would never be able to bail out. Also, if you are multiple offenders and on probation, the probation court can put a no-bail on you. There is a recommended bail amount for every sex crime in Los Angeles County.

The judge can go above or below that bail amount, depending on how reasonable your attorney is and how good the argument is. In sex crimes, judges are permitted to stack the bill, meaning if you have multiple counts, especially if there are numerous victims, the judge can set bail for each count.

If you are being investigated, you should hire an attorney who handles sex crimes in the court where your case is pending. Often, law enforcement will come and try and talk to you. You want to have an attorney available as a buffer before making any statements that can incriminate you. An attorney can immediately strategize your case and tell you what to do and what not to do during the investigation.

What Are Penalties for a Sex Crime Conviction?

Some of the worst penalties associated with sex crimes are registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life. California recently enacted a 3-tier sex crime registration system, set to occur within the coming year. Many sex offenders will no longer have to register for life if they fall within one of the lower categories of the new system.

You can expect to face other things would be as either county jail time or time in state prison. You will be placed on probation for some time and ordered to stay away from specific locations. You may be requested to keep off the internet or devices where you can access certain sexual content. You can also be ordered to stay away from any minor under 18.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for California Sex Offenses

One of the most effective defenses available is consent. If the person is under 18, they cannot legally consent. Other times, though, people get severely intoxicated and cannot remember what happened. So, they assume something inappropriate happened to them.

Often, there is arrested judgment in these sex crime cases, and the police are not getting both sides of the story. Your version of the story must be told, and your criminal defense attorney is the one to say to it after conducting a thorough investigation to corroborate your story.

When someone changes their story, the best plan is to cross-examine them and point out their inaccuracies. This makes them look unreliable and not credible, which is how attorneys win many sex crime cases. A sex crime charge will not survive long after a victim changes their story.

So, I invite you to call my office.  Take the first step.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.  I'll put my years of experience to work for you.

I think the second thing if you're looking for a top Encino criminal defense attorney that knows how to handle sex crimes is someone who has won sex crimes at the jury trial level, which I have.

Criminal Defense Lawyer for California Sex Offenses

The proper case taken to trial can be won, especially if the prosecution's evidence is weak. However, we will have to assess everything and make that decision together.

Because going to trial will cost you money, it's going to cost you time, and if you lose, it's probably going to cost you prison time.

Nobody wants that, so we have to make sure we make the right decision under the circumstances we can see ourselves faced with.

I stand at the ready to help you.  If you've got a sex-related offense, you're being charged criminally, you're looking for the best in the Encino area, come to my office.

Hedding law firm is located at 16000 Ventura Boulevard, Penthouse Suite 1208 in Encino.  I've been there for almost 30 years.

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