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Federal Sex Crimes

Federal Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

A Top-Rated federal sex crime attorney at our law firm will aggressively challenge any type of sexual related offenses in the Central District of Los Angeles.

Federal sex crimes expose a person to multiple years in federal prison, a life time of sex registration and other restrictions / punishments that severely limit a person's ability to lead a productive life. Because of political pressure, law makers have created harsh sentencing laws when it comes to the prosecution of sex crimes.

Many of these laws do not take into account all the different circumstances that can occur when it comes to the various sex crimes that can be filed at the federal level. Hence, people are facing long prison sentences for simply viewing child pornography. Many of these people have no prior criminal records and lead a normal criminal free life otherwise. However, they are facing extreme consequences that should be saved for more serious offenders.


There are many factors that are important when it comes to sentencing a person charged with a federal sex crime, especially on a federal child pornography case.

The judge will look at the person's criminal record, the nature and circumstances of the sex crime, the sophistication level of the person and their actions and most importantly, whether the person is likely to commit the same or similar crime again and how dangerous they are to the community.

Many times I have a psychiatrist evaluate my client that is familiar with sex offenses and write a report addressing the likelihood that my client will be a repeat offender. If the report is thorough and credible, the judge will consider it before sentencing my client.

Finally, the judge will listen to the arguments of the prosecutor and defense attorney before making his or her decision. It is absolutely essential, in my opinion, that you hire a federal criminal defense attorney that his handled the type of case you are charged with, in front of the judge you will be facing. If your attorney is familiar with the judge and his or her tendencies, then you will be in the best position to achieve the best possible result.


In most federal criminal prosecutions, bail is dealt with at the initial appearance. A bail bondsman is typically not used because the person charged with the sex crime is remanded, permitted to sign or have a family member sign a signature bond (promising to pay a sum of money if the person does not show up to court), ordered to post a property bond (where the accused uses property to assure his or her appearance) or is simply permitted to be released from custody upon his or her promise to appear.

However, because sex offenders pose a greater risk to the community than an average federal criminal defendant, their release is usually scrutinized much more closely and it is more difficult to obtain a bail that can be posted.

This is where a solid attorney is imperative! An attorney that knows how to assure the judge and prosecutor that their client will not commit any further crimes while out of custody and will make all future court appearances is invaluable.

There is no substitute for experience and knowing what will work and what won't. When your freedom, career and reputation are on the line, make the call to someone that has the battle tested experience you need.


One of the biggest factors when it comes to a federal sex crime prosecutions centers around the amount of images that the person has on their devices (computer, phone tablet etc.).  The more images, the more likely the federal government is to prosecute the case.

If the person only had a few images, and they have no prior criminal record, the feds are not likely to touch a case like that. Unfortunately, the nature of these cases has the defendant downloading thousands of images very easily and with very little effort the defendant is facing many years in federal prison.  

The feds have certain policies and cutoffs in order to file a case and not just hand the matter off to the state government to prosecute.

Another factor that federal prosecutors look at is the nature of the videos in question.  In other words, the more serious the images the more likely they are to deal with the case and severely punish the defendant.

The younger the victims on the images they seize and the more serious the activity on the videos will trigger their wrath as far as what they file and what sentence they will seek from the judges.  They seem very focused on deterring and stopping the exploitation of children on the Internet and anyone connected with that exploitation will be dealt with accordingly.

Finally, if the defendant had physical contact with any victim the prosecution in the realm of a federal criminal sex crime case, it will more likely be dealt with at the federal level if they can prove that the Internet was used and the person crossed or proposed to cross state lines.  

Even the exploitation or attempted exploitation of children overseas will trigger the federal prosecutors to act in order to arrest and prosecute the offender.

To be charged with a sex crime on the federal level has more serious consequences than if you were to be charged on the state level and our experienced and aggressive federal defense attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and skill to defend your federal sex crime case.

Our federal sex crime attorneys know how the federal system operates and we are confident in our skill and legal strategies to represent you.

A conviction for a sex crime on a federal level results in imprisonment of as high as 20 years and even up to life; excessive fines; probation; and mandatory sex offender registration and annual re-registration so long as residing or working in California.

A federal sex crime charge requires an aggressive defense attorney that will fight for you and stand up for you until the end. We are the federal defense attorneys you are looking for. Our credentials are unmatched. We are confident in our ability and capability to defend your federal sex crime charge.

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