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Sex Crimes

Sex Crime Defense Lawyer in California


When it comes to human contact, there is a dividing line between that innocent behavior and that behavior that crosses the line into criminal behavior. That line is often fuzzy, and it is hard to tell whether what the accused did was lawful or not.

Other times, it is clear that the defendant's behavior was unlawful or lawful, and the authorities do not have all the facts that show the person is innocent of the crime.

It is up to a seasoned attorney to show the prosecutors the other side of the story in cases filed improperly because all of the facts have not been flushed out by the police.

It is sometimes an uphill battle because some or all of the most crucial facts are in dispute. In this scenario, a jury must usually decide which facts are accurate and not true.

This is where things become complicated, and only the most seasoned sex crime defense attorneys should be at the helm of these cases and make the decisions that will either make or break the case.

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Those cases that fall into the category of “a grey area” as far as whether they should be filed or not are the ones that the prosecutors will likely have the police do further investigation on before they file the case.

I have often been involved at the pre-filing phase of a sex crime case, and it is not always easy for the prosecutors to decide what the right thing to do is.

As a defense attorney, I will typically contact the prosecutor or lead detective on these cases and try and figure out where the issues are and see if there is any evidence or information we can bring to bear to have the filing decision go in our favor and avoid having to defend the case in the first place.

Sometimes the prosecutors are receptive to this approach, while other times, they do not want to deal with the defense until after making their own independent decision on a case.

When I meet with clients to discuss their sex crime case, we will be focusing on whether the authorities have the evidence they need to prosecute them and if we have any proof or information in our possession that can assist in them not filing the case.

As you might guess, your attorney is the one who should make the crucial decisions as to what to share with the authorities and whether it is strategically correct to share anything at all.

What is a sex offender? A sex offender is a civilian who deliberately imposes excessive sexual behavior on another civilian against their consent. Since 1947, California sex offenders have been required to register their offenses.

In Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, there are different classifications for sex offenders based on the amount of danger they pose to the public. In Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, California, the registered categories are Serious Offenders, High-Risk Offenders, and Other Offenders.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes include many different forms of illegal sexual activity by individuals in Los Angeles County.

Some of the more serious sex crimes involve Child Molestation, Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Sexual assault, Sexual Battery, Indecent Exposure, Lewd Conduct, Statutory Rape, Rape, Prostitution, Solicitation, Pornography, and Sodomy.

A violation rising across the nation is Internet Solicitation of Minors. You may have seen this on the popular show on Dateline NBC, “To Catch a Predator.”

Not only do the Los Angeles Criminal Courts deal very harshly with sex offenders in terms of ordering very severe sentences, but most of these violations require the convicted individual to register as a sex offender under California Penal Code §290.

Note that this is a lifetime requirement that can have severe consequences for the person convicted and their family. It can damage that person's personal, social, and business life.

Sex Crimes are a susceptible area of the law. These cases must be handled with the utmost care and highest regard for attention.

If you have been charged or under investigation for committing a sex crime, please call the Hedding Law Firm to set up an appointment for a free consultation at no obligation so we can review your pending case and give you the best legal advice on how to move forward.

We have over 75 years combined experience with the State court system throughout the Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley area. This means we know the judges, have worked with prosecutors, and know all the angles for you.

Finding an Attorney Immediately is the Way to Move Forward

It is critically important for you to have an experienced and seasoned attorney assess your case as early as possible. Early intervention by our professional criminal defense team allows you to potentially reduce or dismiss either a felony or misdemeanor charge against you before the first court date. We have done this in the past and know how to fight for you to get your life back!

Please feel free to call for a no-obligation free consultation in our office so that we can assess your case and choose how best to defend and resolve your case.

A serious sex offender is one whose offense falls under the category of a felony sex offense committed against an adult. These sex offenders must be registered in their community and are generally not expected to re-commit a sex offense.

A civilian who falls under this category is considered a severe threat to the public, a sexual predator, and someone who has committed multiple violent sex crimes.

These include people who are not required to register and have spousal rape, pornography, indecent exposure, misdemeanor sexual battery, or minors convicted in juvenile court.

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