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The first thing you can expect is that you will be meeting with Ronald D. Hedding, the main attorney in the firm. I handle all of the sex crime cases for the Hedding Law Firm, and I have been practicing criminal law and defending sex crime cases for 25 years in Los Angeles County.

Therefore, you can expect to meet with someone who can give you some answers to the burning questions I am sure you have related to your case. Once you are educated on how the system works and where your case fits within it, you can begin the process of taking back control of your case and your life!

Another critical thing to expect when you contact the Hedding Law Firm is to be told the truth about what you are facing. We are not salespeople over here. We are criminal defense attorneys who have mastered our profession and will give it to you straight.

There is no reason to sugarcoat the situation and make many general claims that do not apply to your case and your specific situation. The key is to know what you are facing and take proactive steps towards defending your case the right way and ensuring that you do not put yourself in a bad position.

One of my main goals is to educate you on how the system works, what your responsibilities will be moving forward, and design a plan to handle your case in the most effective way possible.

Finally, you can expect to gain a game plan moving forward on exactly how your case will be handled and what to expect. Once we have discussed your case and you have given me all of the details related to it (please be honest and do not put a spin on the situation), I will be able to provide you with an idea of what you are facing and what you can do to help yourself and your situation.

We will then discuss your expectations regarding the defense of your case. I will let you know whether those expectations are realistic based on what you are charged with and my experience handling thousands of criminal cases over the years.


In the early 1990's I decided that I wanted to practice criminal defense and set about honing my skills to be the best possible criminal defense attorney I could be. This included working for the District Attorney's Office in East Los Angeles, working for a judge in the Burbank Superior Court, working for the State Bar of California as a Commissioner (tasked with investigating potential judges for the Governor of California), and handling thousands of criminal defense cases to the best of my abilities.

This has included defending my clients in over 200 jury trials and traveling all over the nation in federal cases. I pride myself in having won many clients over the years and changing the course of my clients' lives by getting them out of the criminal justice system to pursue their life's desires without a criminal court or the Probation Department telling them what they had to do.

Hence, if you have a sex crime case in Los Angeles, it would undoubtedly be of benefit to you to sit down with me face to face to get some insight into where you stand and what can be done to help you.

Our Los Angeles sex crime defense firm has been highly successful in representing individuals with sex offenses in Los Angeles for many years. Our sex crime attorneys go to court in Los Angeles on sex criminal matters every day.

We do not send less seasoned attorneys to appear for our client's sex offense cases; we do it ourselves and make sure your matter is handled discreetly with the utmost professionalism, so your freedom, reputation, and rights are protected.

Our credentials in the Los Angeles sex offense arena are unmatched. We have combined experience of 75 years successfully representing our clients. Take the first step right now and call us at (213) 542-0979 and begin the process of getting back to everyday life and getting your sex offense matter behind you.

You can ask to meet with me, Ron Hedding. I will educate you on how the system works in the specific courthouse where your case is located and be straightforward regarding what is likely to happen with your case and realistic regarding what we can do to help you.

When you contact our office regarding your sex crime case, please ask to have a face-to-face meeting with Ronald D. Hedding to discuss your case.

I handle all of the sex crime cases in the firm and will begin the process of dealing with your issue, and when you leave my office after the meeting, you will have an idea of exactly how the case will be handled moving forward and what you can do to assist in your defense.

The attorney and client must work together in a sex crime defense to make sure everyone is on the same page, and the strategy developed from the beginning is carried out through the case.

Further, sometimes a strategy in a sex crime case must change as the case progresses. If the attorney and client are working together, then the usual twists and turns in a criminal case will not hurt the client's case.

W will be able to make the appropriate adjustments to compensate for new information given by the prosecutor and respond appropriately when the judge weighs in on the case or makes a ruling that affects how the issue will be resolved. In addition to having a great attorney by your side, you and your attorney must work together to achieve the best possible result.

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