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Is Solicitation of Prostitution Via Text Illegal?

A lot of people, more and more, are using the internet, their cellphones and various other forms of communication besides face to face interactions, in order to solicit individuals for sex in order to find sexual partners for purposes of paying them money.

So, obviously, it makes sense that people would question, if I'm just texting with somebody, does that necessarily fill the requirements of solicitation?  And as you might guess, the answer, of course, is yes.

If the prosecutors can prove that somebody is soliciting another person for sex or a sexual act, no matter what form that takes, they'll be able to prove the case of solicitation or prostitution and maybe even other crimes depending on exactly what happens and what is said and whether money is exchanged, etc.

Prosecutors Must Prove Certain Factors for Solicitation

However, it might make it a bit more difficult to prove solicitation of prostitution.

Is Solicitation of Prostitution Via Text Illegal in California?

This is because if the people are texting because first you have to prove that whoever it is that you want to charge with solicitation and prostitution in Los Angeles, is actually the person that's doing the texting.

So, that's one issue the government might have.  That's why, a lot of times, instead of just arresting the person when the texts go back and forth or the Instagram goes back and forth or the chats go back and forth, they're going to set up the meeting.

The police,  and then they will be there waiting for the person. When the person shows up, usually with their cellphone because they're communicating with the undercover police officer while they're coming in to engage in some sort of sexual activity.

Cell Phone as Evidence for Solicitation

Now when the police grab the person, they get the phone — hopefully for their sake they're able to get into the phone — for the client's sake, hopefully they can't get into the phone.

Because if they get the phone and get into the phone, they're able to see the communications back and forth.  That person has the phone.  It's their phone when they look at the phone company.  Now they have one strong piece of evidence against the person.

Also, the person showed up after messages were exchanged so that they could engage in sexual activity.

That would certainly be evidence that the person was involved with solicitation and prostitution, was about to commit a prostitution act.

The fact the person may have the money that was agreed upon would be another good indicator to corroborate the fact they're about to engage in a prostitution act.

The fact the person might have condoms or other things that show they were going to engage in some sort of sexual activity would be another indicator.  Maybe they get a hotel room.  There's a whole host of different scenarios that can go on.

Avoiding Sex Offender Registration and Jail

So, the answer to the question as to whether or not somebody can be charged with solicitation of prostitution via text is absolutely yes.

But of course, the back end of that is the prosecutors would have to prove it.  That's why if there's any question about it you get an attorney right away.

Avoiding Sex Offender Registration and Jail in California

Even if there isn't any question, even if the police have gathered the right evidence, submitted the right evidence to the prosecutors, you still want an attorney.

Because not only could there be other defenses that you, as a non-attorney wouldn't see or think about, there might be ways to mitigate the case and get you something that could protect your record.

Also, to protect your freedom so you don't go to jail for a long time, protect you from having to register as a sex offender, potentially depending on what actually occurs and what the prosecutor's position is once they review everything.

So, in these solicitation of prostitution cases, first the police investigate.  They will arrest the person or cite the person into court.

Contact Hedding Law Firm If Charged With Solicitation

Then, they have to give their investigation, their paperwork, their video evidence, whatever they have, to the prosecutors who are lawyers like me.

They are going to review everything, and then the prosecutors will decide whether to file the case. If they file the case, when we go to court on the day of your arraignment, I as your attorney, will get all the paperwork and review it.

The best bet if you're facing a solicitation of prostitution charge is to make an appointment to sit down with me, Ron Hedding, face to face.

I've been doing this for 26 years.  We'll see exactly what evidence there is and we'll make the right decision on exactly how we're going to defend your case.

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