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Mitigating Factors in a Sex Crime Defense

Recidivism is a Key Factor

When you start to talk about mitigating factors, you're talking about potentially resolving your sex crime defense.  People might not think about and realize what makes a difference to judges and prosecutors.

First, they are zeroing in on whether or not you're going to be a recidivist.  In other words, are you going to do something like this again, or even worse.  Are you going to do something more high level that damages a victim?

A perfect example is those individuals convicted of possession of child pornography. The prosecutor's and judges' most significant concern is, are those people now going to go out and try to find a live victim.  So, what ends up happening when we talk about mitigating factors, is we're going to:

  • get a psychological evaluation of the person,
  • where we're going to see by testing by someone who is an expert,
  • whether or not that person is going to be a recidivist,
  • whether they're going to do it again.

There are a bunch of tests for that and factors that can be evaluated.

Psychological report

So, suppose you will end up having to plead guilty to a sex-related offense. In that case, you're going to probably want to make sure that you've got a psychological report addressing the type of factors that judges are concerned about, like:

Mitigating Factors in a California Sex Crime Defense
  • why did you do whatever it is you're being accused of?
  • what's the root cause?
  • can you be treated, which is another significant mitigating factor.

If you can be treated — maybe you're on some medication, some classes, or a program.  There's a whole host of different things that can be done to help individuals accused and convicted of a sex crime.

I think probably the most stereotypical thing that people think about is, well, I've got an excellent job.  Some people even have a family, and they're committing sex crimes.

That is a factor, but it's not as important as you might think because all kinds of people who appear to lead seemingly everyday lives are committing sex crimes across Los Angeles County and the United States.

Why Did the Sex Crime Happen?

The third thing I would say on the subject of sex crimes and what you can do to mitigate them is, you have to look at things from a commonsense standpoint:

  • what happened?
  • why did it happen?
  • what can we do to show the prosecutors and judge it's not going to happen again?

Because that's one of the biggest fears that they have is. If we give this guy a break if we don't send him to prison, if we make him register as a sex offender for the rest of his life, what happens if he does this again?

Maybe to a worse degree, and now that prosecutor and judge are looking at us and saying, hey, you had this guy.  He's done this, and you did nothing to him.

You didn't punish him appropriately and now look, he's done something to another victim.

So, I think that's their biggest fear, so when we try and evaluate these cases and think about them, we're coming from a mindset of showing the judge and the prosecutor that if they do give you a break, they're not going to be sorry.

Criminal Lawyers for California Sex Crime Charges

There's many different things to do: the probation report from the probation department. Other times, we get that psychological evaluation.

The great thing about that is we can get that, and if the evaluation is not, we simply don't use it.

Criminal Lawyers for California Sex Crime Charges

But if it's good and if it's angled up to try and deal with some of the concerns, then we're going to use it to assist you.

So, if you or a loved one is charged with a sex crime and you're looking to mitigate your circumstances, you've come to the right place.  I've been doing this for 27 years.

I've worked for the District Attorney's Office as a Superior Court Judge and as a sex crime defense attorney since 1994.

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