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What Evidence is Necessary to Prove a Sex Crime Case?

Review of Police Reports

When it comes to these sex crime cases throughout Los Angeles County, I've handled thousands of them.  When you talk about the necessary evidence, the prosecutors must prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Still, it runs much deeper necessary the prosecutors must prove the case a reasonable doubt, but it runs much deeper than that.

First, you have to see the charges that are leveled against the person and look at the elements for those charges. That can usually be accomplished by either looking at:

  • the Penal Code Section that applies to the charges, or even better,
  • look at the jury instruction given to a jury that will hear the charges pending against a particular defendant.

Once you see exactly what those elements are, which are the requirements to prove charges, you can get a feel for what the prosecutors would have to prove to show that somebody committed a particular sex crime.

Of course, it gets more complicated than that because you're going to have to look at the police reports, which obviously, your attorney will do for you:

What Evidence is Necessary to Prove a California Sex Crime Case?
  • see if there are any inconsistent statements;
  • see if there's a motive for the alleged victim to lie about the allegations against a particular person.

I suggest that your starting point is, when you're trying to figure out how to deal with a sex crime case, what needs to be proved, is to sit down with an attorney.

This is because an attorney can cut through things pretty quickly, especially one with a lot of experience.

I've handled thousands of sex crime cases throughout my almost 30-year career.  I worked for the District Attorney's office and was a Superior Court judge early in my career.

Then, in 1994, I decided I would defend people and put out the effort to become a criminal defense attorney.  So, I've seen how prosecutors build cases.

I've seen how judges evaluate cases, and of course, I've defended them on the defense side now for 27 years with great success for my clients.

Plea Bargaining vs. Trial

So, I would say come in with a list of questions.  Any paperwork if the person has been charged would be helpful so we can see what they were booked for.

Then obviously, I'm going to ask you a bunch of questions about your case and the circumstances of your case.

Of course, everything will be protected by the attorney-client privilege even if you decide not to hire me as your criminal defense attorney.

Once we go back and forth and talk about the case, then we'll have an idea of how strong the case is and whether or not the prosecutors can prove the case against you.

It's essential to decide whether or not the prosecutors can prove the case against you. Because right from the beginning, you want to know:

  • whether or not you're in fight mode where you're challenging everything,
  • filing motions, and
  • ultimately, taking the case to trial; or
  • whether this is a case where the prosecutors have good evidence against you or your loved one.

Then, we're going to have to take mitigating actions to defend you and put you in the best position possible.

Criminal Defense Against California Sex Crime Charges

So, when it comes to how a prosecutor proves a sex crime case, if that's what you're trying to figure out, first you have to look at the specific crime, pull up the Penal Code Section, pull up the jury instructions, and then evaluate from there.

Criminal Defense Against California Sex Crime Charges

You'll see what the elements are.  There will be little angles of each component.  That's where you start getting into technicalities that, in my opinion, you want an attorney to help you with.

Not only an attorney that understands the law but one that's been practicing in sex crime defense for many years because they can see how prosecutors, judges, and juries apply the law.

I can see what the angles are in the case.  I can see how a prosecutor might prove a case; and how we might defend the case.

So, pick up the phone.  Ask for a meeting with attorney Ronald Hedding.

I stand at the ready to help you.  I know how to break these cases down to see exactly what is necessary to prove a sex crime case against you.

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