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Avoiding Mandatory Sentence in Pimping and Pandering Case

What Will it Take to Avoid the 3-Year Mandatory Minimum Sentence in a Pimping and Pandering Case?

Many people don't realize that when they get themselves involved in a situation where they're using women to make money in the sex game, they will end up staring down — if the prosecutors get their hands on them — a minimum of three years in prison.

That's a minimum.  They could get more depending on if they have a criminal record and if any other charges are filed along with the pimping and pandering charge under California Penal Code 266h and 266i.

It is so easy now to get yourself caught up in these pimping and pandering allegations, charges, investigations because the police and prosecutors know where prostitutes are hanging out and attempting to get men to become involved with them.

They also know that a lot of these prostitutes are backed-up by individuals who are willing to use violence and force to:

  • make sure that they're protected, and
  • that they don't lose money related to the sex-trade game.

Retain an Experienced Sex Crime Lawyer

So, if you or a loved one is charged with pimping and pandering, the best way to avoid that 3-year mandatory minimum is to hire an attorney with experience.

Also, one who knows what it takes to get a probationary sentence, for example, if they've evidence that you're involved with pimping and pandering.

Also, you want to take yourself out of the stereotypical pimp who beats the women, takes all their money, and is vicious and cruel, and rude to the women.  Those are the individuals who the prosecutors will try to seek state prison again.

So, if we can take you or your loved one out of that gamut, then we put ourselves in a much better position to avoid the 3-year mandatory prison sentence and try to get a probationary sentence.

Sometimes, I've recently had clients charged with pimping and pandering, and I've been able to avoid any jail time at all.  Again, depending on their criminal record, the circumstances of their case.

Romeo Pimps

Many of these Romeo pimps who are not beating the women and not taking all of the money think that it's not pimping and pandering even though it fits under the definition of pimping and pandering.

Romeo Pimps in California Pimping and Pandering Cases

If you're getting any money from a woman related to sexual activity and you're helping them in any way, they're going to be able to jam you under the pimping and pandering.

This sex crime is defined under Penal Code Section 266(i), and they will try to get that 3-year mandatory minimum against you or even more prison time against you.

So, you're going to need to get somebody like me to fight back and be able to take you out of the position of staring down the prison.

You are also staring down a serious sex offense that can cause you to register as a sex offender and a whole host of other consequences that come along with that.

Present Mitigation Package to Prosecutor

The way you avoid that 3-year mandatory minimum is:

  • hire the right attorney;
  • let that attorney put together a powerful mitigation package to present to the prosecutors.

What I have to do a lot of times is I'm going to have to sit down and go face-to-face with the supervisor, the second-in-command in a particular courthouse for the DA's office.

Mitigation package for prosecutor in California pimping and pandering cases.

I have to try to convince them that you're not somebody who deserves to go to prison and that you're not somebody who deserves a conviction for pimping and pandering charges.

Often, we're going to have to find some other offense that fits what you did but doesn't have that same 3-year mandatory minimum.

That's my job as your criminal defense attorney, number one, to find the other offense if they've got evidence that you've committed a crime, and if you go to a jury trial, you're going to lose.

We have to figure out a way to turn the tide and do something different for you. So, if you need help, pick up the phone.  Ask to speak to Ron Hedding.  I stand at the ready to help you.

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