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No Jail Time in Federal Child Pornography Case

NO CUSTODY TIME IN FEDERAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CASE In this particular case, the client was charged in federal court with possession of thousands of images of child pornography. The FBI came to his home with a search warrant and took his computers and phones as part of the execution of a search warrant. They also took a statement from the…Read More

Lewd Acts on a Minor Charges Dismissed

SAN FERNANDO CASE DISMISSED / REJECTED BASED ON LACK OF SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE My client was arrested and investigated for lewd acts on a minor and ultimately the prosecutors decided not to pursue the case.  The defense was able to show the prosecutors the other side of the story and the issues that they would face if they tried to prosecute…Read More

Not guilty verdict in attempted rape case

This case was tried in downtown Los Angeles during an approximately week long trial. My client, because of his criminal record, was facing approximately 20 years in prison. The alleged victim was connected to one of his family members and had an incentive to get my client in trouble because of some issues she had with him not related to…Read More


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“RONALD HEDDING IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! I’m so thankful and appreciative to have a lawyer like Ron. I was ridiculously charged with attempted burglary. I was 22 at the time, bailed myself out; and was facing 6 months in county jail, 5 yrs probation, and an extensive amount of community service. I seen a video on Youtube...”

– Jose