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Sale of Child Pornography


Anything having to do with child pornography in California will bring down the wrath of the government. As you might guess, this type of sex offense is extremely politically charged and the legislature and law enforcement agencies have put the eradication of child pornography on the top of their list.

In my opinion, the first step to getting a handle on a sale of child pornography investigation and prosecution is education. You should do your research on how these cases are handled in the criminal courts, the laws that govern their prosecution and what you can do to help yourself in a sometimes unforgiving criminal justice system.

The best, fastest and safest place to obtain information and education on this topic is through a sex crime defense attorney who has defended these cases both at the state and federal level.

When I meet with clients, it is goal of mine to both educate them on the topic related to a defense of child pornography related case and to delve into the facts of their particular case. It is crucial that when we are done with the meeting, everyone involved agrees upon a plan for success.

I want to make sure that the client and all interested parties knows what we are trying to achieve with the factual situation we find ourselves in and what each of us will do in order to achieve the end goals that we have agreed upon. I find that once the client knows what the plan is related to their case, a sense of control and peace of mind is restore to their life.

Once you have educated yourself on the criminal process as it relates to your case and you have some clearly defined goals for the outcome of your case, the next step is to execute whatever plan we have decide in best for you and your situation.

This could mean fighting your case and putting the pieces together that will give of the best chance of convincing a jury that you are not guilty of the crimes that you are charged with.

If, on the other hand, we have determined that the best strategy if to negotiate, then you should be collecting character letters and doing whatever else we decide makes sense in your case.

In some circumstances it will be necessary for you to be evaluated by a psychologist who is familiar with authoring reports to convince prosecutors and judges that you are not someone who will ever engage in this type of behavior again and that society is not in danger if you are permitted to remain in the community.


These type of charges are punished based upon a number of different factors. The amount of images that are possessed and being sold is one of the chief considerations in determining whether the case will be prosecuted at the state or federal level.

The authorities will also look at what type of images are being sold. This means assessing the ages of the victims, the conduct that they are engaging in and the level of abuse that is taking place in the images.

Finally, the authorities will look at exactly what your role was / is in the sale of child pornography. The more of a role that you played, the harsher the charges and punishment will be against you. In assessing your role, they will also look at your criminal record, you job and a host of other facts that will determine the level of danger that you present to the community at large.

The government has all sorts to technology available to it in order to view what people who they suspect of the sale of child pornography have on their computers, phones and other devices.

It typically takes them a long time to actually go over a person's computer because of the large amount of computers that they have seized and the time that is required to do a thorough scan.

There are a limited number of experts available to the government to actually do the hard work and have the knowledge base to go through a computer or other device. Since some of the material on them is encrypted and has been deleted it is a process that only the most skilled experts can perform.


Are you being accused of selling child pornography? Do not waste anytime and contact our sex crime defense lawyers so we can discuss your case and immediately assert any and all defenses on your behalf.

The government will use the fact that you do not have an attorney against you and attempt to put pressure on you to cooperate in their investigation by giving them a statement that will most likely incriminate you.

Once a statement is given and memorialized by the government that bell will be very hard to “unring” and you will be in a position of having to defend yourself after having given a statement that in all likelihood will be brought up every time you try and profess you innocence in the future.

There are certain factors that make a difference such as the age of minors involved in the production and the quantity sold as indicated above. In any case, our defense lawyers are here to do whatever we can to get you the minimal penalties possible or even get your case completely dismissed depending on the situation.

Every cases spins on its own facts and it is key that we figure out the best way to deal with yours at the soonest possible time.

Our sex crime defense attorneys have a 75 years of combined experience and we are confident that we can competently and aggressively defend your sale of child pornography or any other sex crime charge.

Contact our lawyers in L.A. and set up a free face to face consultation and we can discuss things further.

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