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Criminal Charges Related to California Massage Parlors

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Oct 08, 2020

Over the years that I've handled criminal cases, we see some massage parlor cases come up.

The women in the massage parlor are often arrested because they get involved in a discussion related to having some sexual activity for money with a customer who happens to be an undercover police officer.

Also, it's somehow the police infiltrate into the massage parlor and catch one of the customers being involved in some illegal activity related to sexual favors for money at the massage parlor.

This latter one doesn't happen very often because it's tough for the police to get into the massage parlor and catch somebody involved in some solicitation of prostitution or other criminal sex-related activity.

Robert Craft Sex Crime Case

We do see with the Robert Kraft case that the police planted cameras inside the rooms, so they could see the exchange of money and were also able to see sex acts, and they charged several people in Jupiter, Florida, with these types of crimes.

Criminal Charges Related to Los Angeles Massage Parlors

Unfortunately for them, that was a direct violation of the person's Fourth Amendment right to privacy.

You can't put cameras inside the rooms, and if any law enforcement agency does that, that would undoubtedly be subject to challenge. Ultimately the court will have to rule in the defense's favor under the appropriate circumstances.

Motion to Suppress Evidence

In the Robert Kraft case, the court has decided that they cannot put videos in those rooms under those circumstances. So, the evidence captured on the videos has been suppressed and can't be used by the prosecutors.

Therefore, the prosecutors have decided to drop the charges against Robert Kraft and the other people who were charged in that particular case.

So, the police have to get evidence that somebody is committing some criminal activity inside the massage parlor, and that can be acquired in many different ways.

Allegations of Sex Trafficking

At this point, in Los Angeles, for example, it seems that Sacramento and the state have taken command of the investigatory phase related to massage parlors, and the police have been cut out.

Sex Trafficking Related to Los Angeles Massage Parlors

Really where you see the police getting involved in sex-related activities in massage parlors in Los Angles County, Orange County, or any of the other counties in California is when some sex trafficking is alleged.

They're able to find beds inside the massage parlor, underaged individuals, and even people involved in the sex trade.  If they can track that into a massage parlor, that would give them a lot more leeway and authority to investigate and arrest people.

At this point, if you've been arrested relating to some massage parlor case in Los Angeles County or any of the surrounding counties, pick up the phone.  Make the call.

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