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How Can a Sex Crime Attorney Help Your Loved One?

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Jul 17, 2020

A lot of people get on the phone and start looking for attorneys, or go on the internet and do their research, and they're trying to figure out, is this person even going to be able to help my loved one, or would my loved one be better off with the public defender?

What is the real reason you hire a private criminal defense attorney to defend somebody in a sex crime?

I think, number one, that person will take personal care of your loved one.  In other words, you're going to give them all the information you have.  They're going to go out and talk to your loved one and get all the information.

They're then going to review everything in the case, and they're going to put together the right plan in conjunction with your loved one to resolve the matter.

Personal Attention to Your Case

Sometimes these sex crime cases, I feel, like some of the public defenders, number one, are overworked and have too many issues and don't have the time to put in that personal attention necessary for the defense of a sex crime.

Also, sometimes they're not going to put in the work necessary if the person has a defense.  What if your loved one has a reason and the public defender is not putting in the time in the investigation and listening to your loved one so that they can be adequately defended.

Because sometimes you go to trial because the person refuses to take a deal and the person loses, and they get some horrible sentence, and now I get a phone call from the family saying they need me to undo what happened.  It's usually too late.

I don't do appeals, and appeals are complicated to win.  They're very time-consuming. Meanwhile, your loved one is sitting with a lengthy prison sentence.

Experienced Lawyer Who Knows How To Deal With Sex Crime Cases

So, you've got to get a private attorney who has the experience, who knows how to deal with these sex crime cases — who knows what matters to take to trial; who knows what cases not to take to practice and also, so your loved one feels that this attorney is trying to help me.

Sometimes I have to break the bad news to family members and clients.  Based on their evidence, they have a perfect chance to win this case, so you're best served to try to resolve the issue.  But I always leave it in the defendant's hands.

If the defendant wants to take the risk and go to trial, I've got to respect that as a defense attorney.  Suppose somebody tells me they're innocent, and they're giving me information about why they're innocent. In that case, I have to listen to that and heed that because ultimately, they're the ones that suffer any terrible consequences.

So, I have to make sure that if they're innocent and didn't commit the crime, or they're saying they didn't commit the crime, we give them the best defense possible, but part of that is through education.  I'm going to look through all the evidence.

I will try to show the person exactly how the prosecutors prove these cases.  I think that will put the person at ease because now they will see how the prosecutors are going to go after them.

Then, many times, once clients see that, they realize they'd better work things out if they did commit the crime because I know what Mr. Hedding is saying.  These guys will come at me and understand where the issue lies related to me trying to defend this case.

Fighting Sex Crime Case at Trial

Other times I listen to the person, and I agree with them.  You know what, you're not taking any deal in this case.  We're going to fight the case.  How I always break the tie in sex crime cases and sex crime defense — and this is where I think lawyers come in handy, to give you one little taste — is I say I listen if you committed this crime, here's the evidence they have against you.

We should work out a deal because you have a good chance of losing.  If you didn't commit this crime and you're innocent, I don't care what they have.  We're going to fight this case tooth and nail.  We're going to get our defense together, and you're probably going to have to testify and tell the jury what happened in this case.

That's how I break the tie when it comes to situations where we can't decide whether to go to trial or not.  I never want a client to plead guilty if they're telling me that they're innocent and did not commit the crime.

That just doesn't make sense to me to have somebody plead guilty if they're innocent.  So, I like to get all the information, talk to the family, speak to the client, talk to the prosecutor, and then double-back and go to the client again.

Contact our Law Firm to Review Your Case

Then we decide how we're going to handle it, and with your loved one's permission, I can explain everything to you, so you know what's going on, and then we move forward with whatever plan we decide.

So, if you need help, you've come to the right place.  Pick up the phone; make the call; ask to meet with Ron Hedding.

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