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Likelihood of Doing Jail Time for a Sex Crime

Posted by Ronald D. Hedding | Dec 22, 2020

Sex crimes are some of the more seriously prosecuted cases, and the LA District Attorney's office takes a lot of interest in them.

As far as jail and prison go, usually, they're among the top crimes in Los Angeles. If you're charged with some sex offense, that you have the likelihood of going to jail.

Coronavirus Impact on Sex Crime Cases. Some good things are going on in LA about avoiding jail.  One thing, believe it or not, is the pandemic.

What is the Likelihood in Los Angeles for Going to Jail for a Sex Crime?

The prosecutors and judges realize that the jails are overcrowded, and you really cannot fit that many more people inside the jails.

They are, therefore, coming up with alternative sentences when it has to do with even sex crime cases because the jails simply:

  • (1) won't hold that many people; and
  • (2) you're 15x more likely to get Coronavirus in the Los Angeles County Jail, and they realize that.

There could be liability issues, and it's almost impossible for the Sheriffs to house that many people safely.

Even the Sheriffs have come down with the Coronavirus inside the LA County Jail.

So that's probably, in my opinion, the number one way to avoid jail is just the fact that right now, there is a pandemic going on, and there is no room inside the prisons.

Mitigation Package

Another way is if your defense attorney can show the prosecutor that there's a way to reform you that does not involve jail time.

Often, we put together a good mitigation package with all of the personal information about you that the police didn't have when they arrested you and the prosecutors didn't have when they filed the case.

So, showing mitigating factors about you and your situation and your life are things that can keep you out of jail.

And of course, the final way to keep you out of jail is taking the case to trial, getting a not guilty verdict, and then you leave, you have no charges, you have no record, and you do no jail time.

Criminal Defense for California Sex Crime Charges

As far as deciding which one of these avenues is best for you, you obviously will want to come in and sit down with me.  I've been doing this for 27 years.  I have a lot of experience doing sex crimes.

Criminal Defense for California Sex Crime Charges

So, pick up the phone.  Make the call.  Ask for a meeting with Ron Hedding.

We will go over your case piece by piece, step by step, and if you have a sex crime in LA county and you're trying to avoid going to jail or prison, you've come to the right place.

We will put together a plan and a solution, and then we will decide which road is the right one for you, your life, your career, your family, your circumstances, and your fr freedom.

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